Mirrors n Frames!!

Okay I know dis is really fast but I just loved dis page 🙂

I m so bloody excited about dis, I just had to had to post dis here..

Okay so I was surfing (as always!!) and I came across this website called www.sasinteriors.net and a very exciting  post on it called “Useful Ideas and Layouts to Create a Photo Gallery Wall”. The author Jenna, is an interior designer and dis very post of hers received around 70,000 views n am not surprised why 🙂

I was always excited about decorating my room, n I absolutely adore mirrors arrangements 🙂 n wanted to have random shaped mirrors above my bed post and along the stairways etc. 

So when I read dis I was in seventh heaven. So in this post the author is giving various ideas as to how u can display pictures, frames and mirrors on your wall.

One of my most helpful was this:

 This not only gives an idea as to how we can position our frames but also helps us to mix n match various shapes n sizes 🙂 🙂 

Well now a lot of pictures are going to get piled up here, so brace yourself 🙂



Quite a few ideas rite 🙂 Well what else you could do is to match the frames of your pictures with the color combination of your room.. try n put something witch will enhance the look of that wall.. I am so exited to put this into place in my room 🙂 🙂 hope u guys also loved it..

And of course all thanks to Jenna without whom I could’t have been able to put it here 🙂 n special thanks to the photographers (I really couldn’t find the source)

Catch u guys later 🙂


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