String It Up!!

Hey friends 🙂 

So todays post is on a “craft’, I am sure the gurls will love it and am pretty muc sure non of the guys would like to do :p you can still read it though 🙂

Well I have for you an amazing trick, which you can use to decorate your rooms bring in a cozy home touch to your hostel rooms 🙂 I am sure you will love it 😀

So I am going to tell you how to make an amazing looking hanging string balls 🙂 exciting enough, let me guide you through..

All you need is: 

How do I make glue string balls?

Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling.

 Step 2: Put string and glue in the jar with a hole in the lid. Next, pull string from hole while wrapping around the balloon.


 Step 3: Wait until dry (try to contain yourself). Pop and remove balloon.



 Isn’t it easy yet beautiful 🙂 You could use it as your imagination runs, outdoor sittings, above the dinning tables, in a corner in your drawing room, in your balcony, on your window corners etc etc..


Until next time, when I get more tricks to spice up your room..

Luv ya guys,

Gudnite 🙂


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