Dream :)

Hey guys, so how was your weekend? Today I am in an all girlie mood 🙂 coz I saw an awesome photo shoot of a beautiful wedding, I want to some day do something in my life with planning weddings 🙂 somehow I just love the though of being there for the bride and making her dream wedding come true 🙂 

 I am just going to post few of the picture ideas as to how make it more memorable. I know, its too weird pasting their wedding pics here, but I love this wedding and the way the groom looks at the bride 😀 ahhh!! Just see for yourself girls 🙂


 Lovely cake 🙂 love how the bouquet and the cake matches 🙂


 Here come the happy bride 🙂



 Haha!! I like this 😉


 The Bridesmaids 🙂



 The First dance 😀


 Simple and classy!!

 🙂 🙂

 Let the games get started 🙂


 Now I just hope that I get this opportunity to plan something like this soon 🙂

Let me just slip into my dream now 😉

Gudnite gurls, laters 🙂


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