Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art :p

 What you need:

Toilet Paper Rolls- the number depends on how large your creation will be

Tacky Glue


Spray Paint

Wall Mount Squares

Patience 🙂


Gather toilet paper rolls. I used about 28 rolls for this project. Paper towel rolls count for approx. three regular sized rolls.

Squish your rolls

Cut slices of the roll to desired thickness. Cut into varying 1/2 inch slices and you will be able to get 12 slices from each roll.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have enough pieces.


Begin gluing pieces together. Try to put most of  the glue on the tip of the piece.

Attach slices together in the form of a four petal flower.

Your finished flower should look like this. Repeat step 6 until you have five completed flowers. Let dry.

Beginning attaching flowers together. The toilet paper rolls are pretty pliable at this point, so attempt to line the petals up exactly to form perfect circles.


Attach five flowers together to form a row and then repeat steps 6-9 until you have as many rows as you want. Then glue those rows together. Glue four rows together at a time to create a 5×4 flower grid and ending up making five grids. Finally, spray painted them!

You can also do this:

 Same few steps, until u make lots of these:

Then take the mirror you are going to use and place it on the floor and start adding all the circles around keeping in mind that you want to keep it in a circle.

At this point it looks like a snowflake so to completely round it out, you need to up making something that  looked like a tulip to fill in the spaces. For that glue two pieces together about a third in and then another two pieces right on the edge then attached them to the piece.

Make sure all the pieces are glued together using a drop of hot glue between pieces.

The next step could be to was to spray paint it all and attach a 10″ embroidery hoop to the mirror to give it a finished look and to hold the whole thing together.

Once everything is attached you could use command strips on the back of the mirror and hung it up!

Source: Made 2 Style


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