10 sneaky ways to drink more water!!

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 Water is not called the ‘source of life’ for nothing… it is crucial for every body function, right from metabolising fat and regulating temperature to facilitating important bio-chemical reactions, lubricating the joints and limbs, aiding digestion, hydrating the skin and helping the body flush out waste and toxins. So, it stands to reason that without regular top-ups, our skin (actually our whole body) will go into crisis mode. The simplest solution? DRINK MORE WATER!

Remember: The sensation of thirst is not triggered until you’re already dehydrated, so it’s important to drink before you actually feel thirsty

Yet, 99% of us don’t heed this advice. H2O is bland, it’s boring, it’s always “just there”… maybe if water becomes more expensive, we will start paying more attention! But till then, I would be the first to admit that sometimes drinking the requisite “eight glasses” (find out exactly how much water you need HERE) can be a real challenge! So, after much interviewing, thinking, researching and experimenting, here are 10 tips to help you accomplish that feat.

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Drink your water! Stay well hydrated! Stay healthy! Stay pretty :)

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How to chalk your hair :)

how to chalk your hair

Chalk isn’t just for sidewalk art anymore. Temporarily coloring hair with the stuff is all the rage in the online hair community.

What you’ll need:

  • non-oil based pastels
  • water bottle
  • plastic gloves
  • towel
  • straightener/curling iron


Step 1: wet the hair first so the color will attach to it. (note: if you’re blonde, do not wet your hair before chalking, unless you want a longer lasting effect.)


Step 2: apply the chalk to the strand of hair in a downward motion while twisting the hair. (note: any color chalk will work with blonde and light brown hair. for darker brown hair use blues, pinks, reds or greens. for red hair, colors will alter slightly, yellow will look orange and blue will look purple. best colors to use are green and purple. for black hair pick the most vibrant colors available.)

Step 3: let the strands dry.


Step 4: set the color using a straightener or curling iron.

Here Are few Cool Examples Of Hair Chalking




















Source: Beauty N Style

DIY Pearl Hairpins :)

We all have come across the abundant and delightful use of pearls. Personally I am a big fan of pearls 🙂 You would have seen them along the back of necks and pushed oversized ones into loose updos With a few easy steps, you’ll be able to whip up a handful of pearl hairpins as fast as you can say “Sally sold seashells by the seashore” 10 times. Backwards 😉

 You’ll need:

  • 8mm – 12mm pearls
  • 20 – 22 gauge wire
  • bobby pins
  • wire cutter
  • flat nose pliers
  • super glue

Start by cutting off a 5 inch piece of wire. Fold the wire in half. With the flat nose pliers, flatten the fold.

Put a few drops of super glue onto the tip of the folded part and insert it into the pearl.

Allow it to dry completely. Spread the two wires apart. Lay the pearl on the bobby pin and start wrapping one side of the wire around the top of the pin.

Continue to wrap tightly 5-6 times.

Now, secure the pearl by wrapping the other side around the bottom half of the pin.

Snip the wires and reinforce it with a few drops of superglue.

Your pearl hairpins are finished!!

Tuck a few pins into an updo or use a couple to pin back a few flyaways!

Source: Honestly WTF

10 Shapes for Your Eyeshadow!!

I know many people who have used the same makeup style for a long while, not because it’s the favorite, but because it’s the only one they know how to do.

Maybe it’s just one shadow applied to whole lid, maybe two shadows mixed together from the middle of the lid, or something similar.

So I surfed up abit 🙂 and I came across this amazing article which give you some ideas of how to use you darker shadows differently!


Makeup is after all just play with lights and shadows, and to use lighter shades to bring certain
spots up more than others, and other points are made darker, so that they look like they’re deeper.

My highlight spots are in the inner corner of the eye, in the middle of the lid, and on the brow bone.

Different eyeshadow shapes:

There are countless ways how you can use your shadows, by mixing different colors, different textures, and glitters, but here’s some ideas were to apply your makeup’s darkest shade:

 Inner corner:

You can add darker shadow only to inner corner of your lid, which seems reduce the space between the eyes.

 Outer corner:

If your eyes are close to each other, this may make them look further away from each other.
I have used this often, even though I don’t think I have close-set eyes, so I think this suits for other eye
types too.

Both corners:

I think this one is great for everyone,  it can be easily used in both dramatic looks with bold
colors, and with natural everyday looks with neutral colors. It doesn’t make
eyes look wider or smaller, and I think it suits for all eye types.

Outer corner, “catshape”:

Make eye look a bit tilted upwards, which creates a bit mysterious look. Also, if your lids
are bit droopy, this might bring them the “boost” they need.

Outer corner & crease, blended upwards:

This is my own favourite.
Darker shadow is applied to outer  corner and crease, then blended up towards the brow, where it
meets the highlighter, and blends together with it.

This is also good technique if you have hooded eyes, just extend the shadows so that they show up a bit.


This technique can make your eyes  appear wider, and your lid “longer”.

Whole inner part:

This one isn’t for everyone, it easily makes you look angry, or your eyebrows look too heavy.
But you might want to try it, maybe with lighter colors.

Just crease:

With dark color neatly on the crease you can deepen your crease a lot, make your
eyes look more deeper. If you add some light color to your lid, your lid looks bigger.

Whole lid:

Depending on the color your using, this might be the most dramatic of these styles.
Be careful if you use bright colors, especially if you don’t want to draw too much attention to your eyes.


Please remember, that everyone has different eye shape, head shape, nose shape, and that all affects one way or the other to the makeup.
So don’t get depressed if some makeup style doesn’t fit you, just move on to the next style. Eventually y you’ll find your own!

Source: Make Up Geek

Simple 3 Twists Hairstyle :)

 So here it is, my first hair tutorial, wahoo!  It is a hot mess style – you know the I just rolled out of bed, twisted my hair a bit, and look hot without trying too hard kind of look – or something like that.  It is so so easy; a little backcombing, 3 twists, about 8 bobby pins, a splash of hairspray and no one will know you have a bad hair day 🙂  Shall we get started?  Catch me after the jump!


 It is best to start with 1-2 (even 3) day old hair that has a little wave to it.  I had my friend sleep in a braid to get some texture and wave.  Tip: dirty hair is always best for these kinds of styles, so to get more days in between washes, wear your hair down the 1st day (styled with hairspray so it doesn’t get greasy), half up the 2nd, and all the way up the 3rd.


 Next you will want a little lift through the roots.  Just backcomb the crown area, don’t forget the front. Tip: make sure the front of your hair looks the way you want in the front, you won’t want to mess with it later.  Also, if you are wanting it messier and bigger, then really go to town with the backcombing.

So now we have the hair looking a little fuller, and the front styled the way we want it to look in the end.  Take a little hair creme and rub it in the palm of your hands.  Run your hands through the ends of your hair to separate them a bit.

Split your hair into three sections, pulling the sides in front of your shoulders, leaving just one section in the back.

 Lift the back section up and backcomb at the base.  This is essential!  The bobby pins need a little something to grab onto so they won’t slip, and this will provide that anchor.

Take the section and twist once like shown.  Keeping your fingers at the base, slip in a bobby pin on the inside of the twist where you backcombed.  Then slip a second pin in, making an X with the pins.  If you feel like it needs a little more reinforcement, add more pins.

Next take the second section and hold it out to the side like shown.  Tip: If you have thin hair, you can backcomb at the base a bit to add a little oomph, when you twist the hair, it will hide the “nest”.

Twist the section once loosely right next to the first twist, like shown in the picture.  Tip: Pin where your fingers are holding the twist, if your fingers are securing it there, so will the pins.  Make sure to make an X with the pins.

Now take the third section and hold it to the side like the first, then twist a few times, and cross over the first two twists and pin underneath where you first originally backcombed.  Make an X with a second pin.

Now spray the heck out of it!  Just kidding a little should do :).  You’ll notice that because of the backcombing at the nape, all the pins are anchored well, so you don’t get that tug that usually comes with using bobby pins, resulting in no afternoon headache.

If you have shoulder length hair, this style works great for that length as well.  It kicks the ends out to the side a bit for a fun look from the front, I will have to snap a picture the next time I do it.

Until later 🙂 have fun!!