Bohemian Rainbow Wedding

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. I have a sweet, romantic, whimsical wedding to start the week off today. 

Jenn + Matt had so many unique details to their wedding to really make it theirs. I love that they had their bridal party in rainbow colors because the rainbow is a symbol of promise and they watered a tree together during their ceremony that they plan to plant behind their house and watch grow every single day. Gorgeous photos thanks to Three Nails Photography.

Its all in the words of the bride 🙂

rainbow bridesmaids dresses

bride with flower halo

all you need is love

The wedding was held at the weekend/camp house of a family friend. They let us use the camp as a gift to us, we saved a lot – and are so grateful! Plus, it is gorgeous and private!!

bride with flower halo

groomsmen in rainbow suspenders

rainbow bridesmaids dresses

rainbow eye shadow

rainbow wedding bridal party

I walked down the aisle to the song “everlasting light” by the black keys. This is also engraved into his ring. It’s a special song to us, and the intro was great for the bridal party to bee bop down to!

outdoor wedding ceremony

watering tree during wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremony

outdoor wedding ceremony

wedding in the trees

bride in flower halo

black and white wedding photography

bride in converse chuck taylor allstars sneakers

bride and groom in woods

Most memorable moment of the day?

Mr. says when I walked down the aisle – and when I forgot my vows!! I have a hard time choosing, hiding behind the bush before I walked down the aisle, my dad getting on me for picking my nose (I didn’t want boogers and forgot to check…don’t judge!), when Matt and I kissed, when I went overboard stuffing his face with cake, sitting around the water after most guests left with all my old friends.

bride and groom fine art photo

rainbow dessert table

ring bearer in suspenders

butterfly wedding cake

wedding first dance

wedding exit sparklers

How did you make the day about the two of you?

We though about how we would do everything, there was no”this is how it’s supposed to go” and leave it at that, Every detail showed our individuality, such as the tree planting – something that intertwines our love of nature into the ceremony and something we will grow with. All of the decorations and details were crafted by myself, family, and friends. We added wording to the pastor’s (who is an inspiring person in our life and Matt’s boss) speech that meant a lot to us and we wrote our own vows.

Any advice for those planning now?

Spend the most on photography/videography. Don’t stress over details. Have back-up bridesmaids/groomsmen. Make sure not to let the day be controlled by someone else. Make it personal to you and your groom, don’t be afraid to break tradition. You aren’t close with people who are so uptight they’ll be mad at you for something you decided to do for you & your new hub!

Thanks so much Jenn + Matt for sharing your day with us. We wish you both the best life together!! And for those of you reading and in love with their gorgeous photos by Three Nails Photography, you will want to head over to his blog and check out his contest where he is giving one lucky couple free wedding photography!


A Surprise Backyard Proposal

iphone text


Do you lovelies love proposal stories? They are one of my most favourite things! Doesn’t matter how simple or elaborate, there is just something so special about that moment in time. And love that so many couple’s these days are capturing those moments! Today’s was captured in both photos + film by the lovely duo of The Parsons. Here is Amy + Chris’ story as told by Ashley Parsons…

When we decided to host Amy’s birthday dinner in our backyard months earlier, we couldn’t have had any idea just how heavenly the night would become…as Chris had decided it was also the night he was going to ask her to become his wife. So we potted succulents, washed off the big table, and brought out the burlap, the lace that used to cover my nana’s table, and the antique English china my mom gave me when we were engaged. We poured the wine, filled the shasta oven-turned-cooler with beer, plugged the lights in, and turned the music on. Friends came from near and far, bearing casseroles and pies (Amy bringing her specialty sweet potato pie) and we had a night of laughing, crying happy tears, and toasting amy. Chris gave his toast last. We all thought it only fitting, since his came with a ring at the end.

backyard dinner party

backyard dinner party

backyard dinner party

backyard dinner party

backyard dinner party

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

backyard proposal

proposal story

proposal story

proposal story sparklers

Dreamy!! Hope u guys enjoyed 🙂

Dream :)

Hey guys, so how was your weekend? Today I am in an all girlie mood 🙂 coz I saw an awesome photo shoot of a beautiful wedding, I want to some day do something in my life with planning weddings 🙂 somehow I just love the though of being there for the bride and making her dream wedding come true 🙂 

 I am just going to post few of the picture ideas as to how make it more memorable. I know, its too weird pasting their wedding pics here, but I love this wedding and the way the groom looks at the bride 😀 ahhh!! Just see for yourself girls 🙂


 Lovely cake 🙂 love how the bouquet and the cake matches 🙂


 Here come the happy bride 🙂



 Haha!! I like this 😉


 The Bridesmaids 🙂



 The First dance 😀


 Simple and classy!!

 🙂 🙂

 Let the games get started 🙂


 Now I just hope that I get this opportunity to plan something like this soon 🙂

Let me just slip into my dream now 😉

Gudnite gurls, laters 🙂